Performances » Young Audiences of Oregon & SW Washington


Performances are one-time events that introduce students to an art form and/or culture through entertainment, education and audience participation. A Program Guide, which includes information about the artist, the program, the art form and vocabulary, is sent to the school prior to a scheduled performance and can be downloaded from the artist’s page.

Guidelines for All Performances

  • Travel costs are listed on each artist’s profile on the Educator’s Guide
  • Prices vary by artist/ensemble (listed on the artist’s page)
  • Have a designated maximum audience size (listed on the artist’s page)
  • Have a fee of $1/student for up to 50 students over the maximum audience size

School Performance

Performance Plus

  • Include a performance and workshops
  • Vary in length depending on the art form and program services
  • Vary in student/artist contact time and number of participants
  • Consist of a performance followed by workshops for several classrooms (maximum of 30 students per workshop)

Family Arts Night Performance

  • Are approximately 50 minutes in length
  • Take place after the school day and may include family members