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Share your #BecauseofArtsEd story!

Joy and creativity are essential to what it what it means to be human, and Young Audiences is here to make sure kids have that in their lives. Our programs focus on harnessing the creative power of the community to benefit young people. Whether it’s connecting an artist with a teacher to help her students understand a new concept or scheduling a whole school performance to show children the possibilities of creative expression, we know the arts are a powerful tool to increase student achievement.

This week, we’re partnering with Americans for the Arts, the National Young Audiences network, and thousands of students, parents, teachers, artists and arts educators across the country to celebrate #ArtsEdWeek – September 11 – 17.

Did the arts help you understand a subject better? Teach you a life lesson like the importance of practice, discipline, or perserverence? Help you connect emotionally? Provide an outlet to experiment and grow? We want to hear how arts education made a difference in your life – comment below to share your #BecauseofArtsEd story and we’ll post it on social media!

Why share? Because it is our charge as those who benefited from our own arts education to be advocates for those less fortunate. We know the arts develop certain skills in people that prove essential. We know that those skills lead to successes in work and life. Now is our time to share these stories of impact. Together our stories will change hearts and minds.

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