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Teaching Artist Application

Okropong/The Obo Addy Legacy Project performs at Aloha-Huber Park Elementary

Okropong/The Obo Addy Legacy Project

About Young Audiences:

Young Audiences of Oregon & SW Washington (YA) believes in the power of arts learning to ignite children’s innate curiosity and creativity. Guided by its mission–to inspire young people and expand their learning through the arts YA brings schools and artists into partnership, helping them meet the needs of students through creativity. Young Audiences Artists interact with schools and other educational entities in a variety of ways.

YA Artists offer:

  • Workshops for students: 1-2 sessions, 50 minutes each
  • Residencies: 3+ sessions with the same group of students either skills based or arts integration, 50 minutes each
  • Performances: 50 minutes for large groups of students
  • Workshops for teachers: Professional development of a specific artform for 90 minutes
  • Family Art Night performances or workshops: School day programs, adapted for evening events

All YA artist programs are listed in our Artist and Programs Guide that schools and organizations use as their “arts experience” catalogue for the year. Our programs are available to schools in 10 counties as outlined by the YA Service Area.

Young Audiences staff is here to support you in your work. We are here to help with contracting, logistics, marketing, program development, program funding and more.

A fuller picture of artist support can be found in this document here: Benefits of being a YA Teaching Artist

Who are we looking for:

Young Audiences will accept all applications but we are particularly looking for artists and programs that fill gaps in our current offerings. Some of these areas are listed below:

  • bilingual teaching artists (Spanish specifically)
  • muralists with experience working in a classroom setting
  • glass artists with experience working in a classroom setting
  • Artists who integrate art with STEM subjects (robotics, filmmakers, technical arts, maker art etc)
  • Programs that explore specific cultural perspectives 
  • Explorations of social justice through art
  • Explorations of place making through art
  • Dance artists (break dancing, hip hop for example)
  • Comic artists with experience in a classroom
  • Touring theatrical productions
  • Performances (music, dance, etc)
  • Or other compelling art forms

While our application process is not currently open, if you are interested in learning more about becoming a Young Audiences artist, please email Kristi Riedel: kristi@ya-or.org

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