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A Young Audiences Residency is a sequential series of at least 3 visits by an individual artist with a classroom and is designed to help students gain proficiency in a particular art form by immersing them in a long-term creative experience.


  • Young Audiences requires an initial planning meeting of the artist, principal, arts coordinator and participating teachers to determine goals, timeline, and costs. Many variables can affect total cost (e.g., art forms, school needs, artist preparation, availability of parent volunteers to assist in project as needed by artist).
  • Young Audiences’ Residency Planning Contract must be completed and signed by the artist and principal prior to the start of a residency.
  • Residencies are a minimum of 3-5 sessions per participating class.
  • Residencies are typically 3-4 consecutive sessions per day, including appropriate set-up/clean-up time between sessions.
  • Young Audiences requires a licensed teacher or administrator in the classroom with the artist at all times.
  • Residencies can take place during or after the school day.
  • Travel costs are negotiated between the site and the artist.

Estimating Costs

Use the following formulas to determine the basic cost of a Young Audiences residency. Materials, supplies and extra planning/preparation time will be additional.

Total number of sessions:

_____ # of classrooms x _____ # of sessions/classroom = _____ (A)

Cost of sessions:

_____ # of sessions (A) x cost per session = $_____ +  Required planning meeting cost = $_____ (B) 

Total cost (A+B) = $_____


Two second-grade and three third-grade classrooms at Elementary X will be taking part in a glass-tile residency (5 participating classrooms). Each classroom will spend five sessions with the artist (25 total sessions). Each session is $60 (25 sessions x $60/session = $1,500). Add $60 for the initial planning meeting ($1,500 + $60= $1,560). There will also be additional costs for travel, materials and the artist’s time for firing the children’s artwork.

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