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Far West Recycling Arts Grant

About the Grant

Young Audiences and Far West Recycling have partnered together for more than 25 years to bring arts programming to K-8 Beaverton School District students. This grant provides funding for programs with Young Audiences artists, including: performances, residencies and workshops that have been adapted for Comprehensive Distance Learning.

Current Grant Cycle

Status: Open for the 2020-21 School Year

Want to be on the announcement mailing list for next year? Please contact Josephine Kuever at josephine@ya-or.org


  • Schools listed on the Beaverton School District website that serve K through 8th grades.
  • Schools that either did not receive a grant last school year, OR received a grant and returned a grant report to Young Audiences by the deadline.

Everyone who is interested in receiving funds should fill out a short survey (contact information, the disciplines you’re interested in and what type of program you’re thinking about).

Next we’ll schedule a 10-15 minute conversation with you to talk about possible programs and a budget. We can only review one proposal from each school so please coordinate with each other on your plans.

Please submit your survey by December 4th so we can hold phone conversations between December 7th and 11th. The review panel will meet during December and notify schools in January. If there are remaining funds, we’ll consider proposals on a periodic basis after the first round.

For more information, please contact Josephine Kuever at josephine@ya-or.org or 503-225-5900 x231

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