Arts for Learning Literacy Lessons

I have a student who is usually ‘too cool’ for everything. During Arts for Learning he is fully engaged and expressing himself verbally for the first time in my classroom. I feel like I could hand him my book and he could teach it. He is a completely different student now.
4th grade teacher, Beaver Acres Elementary

The Arts for Learning Lessons (A4L) is an innovative literacy enrichment program that has been shown to help students develop important reading and writing skills by integrating the arts.

A4L is a uniquely designed program that:

  • Focuses on important literacy and arts objectives that align with National Core Standards
  • Uses the arts to leverage learning of literacy concepts and skills
  • Uses an instructional sequence that helps students become more self-directed/independent learners
  • Provides multiple opportunities for students to improve their learning through reflection and revision

Before we test our students, we have to instill in them a love of reading and writing… There is an energy to these Units that is hard to explain, but they feel it and it’s working…
4th grade teacher, Chehalem Elementary

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